What would I do with a Backpack Helicopter?!

In a loose series, the Airvinci team members present their idea of what they would do with the Airvinci Helicopter. We start with our project manager Markus, who’s currently living  in Salvador, a city in the Northeast of Brazil:

“While the Northeast here won’t be permanently the place to live, on a weekend trip to an Island along the south coast of Salvador, I was thinking what if we would stay here…


To start with: Salvador is a nice city, surrounded by beaches, tropical weather, an annual carnival that is supposed to bigger than the one in Rio and some well-kept (historic) neighborhoods. On the down side, it is also one of the most crime-struck metropolitan areas in the world that forces you into guarded condominiums or gated communities.  Traffic is absolutely horrible, with an public transit system where buses (when they come) are stuck in the same traffic jam. Despite my co-working space having a surfboard parking lot, a board doesn’t really replace other forms of transportation to commute.


A while ago, I went with a friend for a weekend to the Island of Boipeba about 80km or a 3 hours boat ride away from Salvador. It is largely unpopulated with huge properties used for vacation retreats. While napping on a beach that earned the predicate “Paradise” my thoughts wandered: What about living here in a house by the beach and commuting to work in Salvador?


Sounds a little bit like the French managers, that supposedly live at the Cote d’Azur in the south of France and commute everyday with the direct TGV to Paris – Just a million times better!

Imagine to wake up in the morning in a house surrounded by nothing but palm trees, going for a swim in crystal clear water, having a coconut water on an empty remote beach. After a quick outside shower, since no one is around anyway, you hop on your small helicopter and in about an hour you fly to the center of Salvador. No traffic jam, no red lights, no anger about people cutting lanes in front of you – just open water, a nice coast line on your left and given the right season some humpback whales in the water below you.


Point taken, there is no helipad yet at my workspace, but given the compact measurements the surfboard parking can be extended by a small Airvinci-Helipad. With the autonomous flight option, I could even use the flight time to go through some papers and presentations already.

2016-02-23-17-30-13-1To make the image perfect, after some after-work-beers by the lighthouse from Barra and a bit from the local fast food Acaraje, my helicopter could fly me completely autonomously back home, just left from the setting sun.

I did wake up after this daydream and it might take a couple more years before this can be a reality, but the idea keeps me working everyday.”