Everyone loves stickers or anything that sticks, right? Think back to your younger years when we would love to collect stickers or temporary tatoos. Our friends at StickerYou have created an international business on stickers fun things like labels, window decals, tatoos, wall art and more.

Airvinci Loves StickerYou

For starters, we have to give a big shoutout to StickerYou. Supporting our community, they are a fellow Toronto business that originated as a startup and has grown to be an outstanding international company working with big names such as Google and the Toronto Maple Leafs. Similiar to Tarek, The founder of StickerYou Andrew Witkin saw a gap in a market and wanted to create a solution. According to the StickerYou website, when Witkin was on a trip in California back in 2008, he recognized how stickers played a big role in the lifestyle down along Manhattan beach. Options for individuals to create their own custom die-cut stickers was very expensive, and so his mission to help fill this gap was initiated. 

A few months ago, we were looking for a unique and fun way to help promote and bring some buzz to our brand. One of our marketing team members did some research and found StickerYou. Tapping into our inner child, we just knew we had to get stickers made of our prototype. When we discussed it internally, some people thought it was a little silly, but once they saw the actual piece in person, they loved them. What was awesome is that the stickers were die-cut to give more dimension to it. Airvinci’s founder, Tarek, loved it so much that he couldn’t resist putting it on his laptop.

Tarek loves his StickerYou die cut sticker of our personal flying machine

Tarek loves his StickerYou die cut sticker of our personal flying machine

We would not hesitate in a second to order more things from StickerYou in the future.

Make it Better Contest

We found out about the Make it Better Contest in early September. It is an amazing contest for small businesses to enhance and increase their brand visibility through marketing assets provided to the winner sponsored by StickerYou. The prize is simply amazing as it is a $10000 makeover. To a small business or startup, this is amazing. Imagine some nice decals to outfit our prototype. We’ve already started dreaming.

Reciprocity is a beautiful thing! By taking the time to vote, and if we win, each individual voter will receive a free sheet of their own custom stickers! And trust us, you will want them.


Now let’s get down to business. Vote for us here: http://wshe.es/8JnJ8jYp and let’s all win together!