Skydiving – The Airvinci Style

After Heli-Taxis, we want to present another super-exciting use for our Airvinci Helicopter: Skydiving!

How does a skydive work? Nowadays, you have to drive to an airfield get a seat on a Cessna 182 or a Turboprop fly up to somewhere in between 9,500 to 14,000ft, jump off the plane, get thrilled by the free fall, open your parachute, enjoy the view, eventually land in the drop zone next to the airstrip, pack your parachute and drive back home.

Now, imagine: You wouldn’t have to drive to an airport, but take off in your aircraft directly from home! On sunny weekend days, you wouldn’t have to wait for a spot on the plane and on ordinary Wednesday mornings, you could spontaneously decide for a pre-business-lunch-jump without the need of at least four other jumpers to fill up the plane. That would be new right?!

Effiel Tower[no branding]

A potential drop zone for the Airvinci Helicopter

Even more, think about that: There would be drop zones in other places than airports – close to landmarks for example – How would exciting would that be? And think that the aircraft that lifts you up to 12,000 ft is simply landing next to you and after you packed your parachute will fly you back to whatever location you’d like to get to – Make it home, make it your business lunch, make it what you can think of.

This would be possible with our Airvinci Helicopter: You ascent in less than 15min to 12,000 ft, open the door jump out and the helicopter follows you with in a safe distance to your landing spot autonomously. All that is what we are working on: An affordable, convenient, safe and autonomous aircraft.

Point taken, the laws and regulations that drop zones are bound to small airports isn’t directly related to the development of our helicopter. But think about it: A small aircraft for vertical take-off and landing just makes it a lot more feasible to do so than an winged aircraft that requires a runway. Makes sense right?!

We are not going to replace the experience of big groups, but we make this accessible for more people


Another argument? Yes, correct! We won’t replace bigger planes that allow groups to jump together – We are building a helicopter not a Swiss Army Knife and won’t be able to fulfill every need of all skydiving occasions, that’s just not realistic. Nonetheless, with a little bit of training you will be able to jump together with partners from several helicopters. And think about the jumps that you don’t do with others. The ones you need to get your next license, the ones you want to do on Wednesday mornings or the ones you just want to feel the thrill of free fall – Just grab your parachute, go out off the house, get to the helicopter and fly up in the sky!

The price for those new opportunities? Less than what you’re paying right now! And, check the photo from Paris again – That really could be a new drop zone!

So where are we right now?! We’re finishing our first prototype, and preparing extensive test flights to make sure that it flies safe and reliable. In order to get a skydiver on board the next steps will be the development of the passenger cabin and to develop the autonomous flight system. Hence, it will take us some more time, but we are motivated more than ever with the new opportunities that will arise with our helicopter.

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