Airvinci – Graffiti Style

Here at Airvinci, we like to think outside the box. We like to think differently than any other aviation or drone company. Who would be crazy enough to think that they could revolutionize transportation? Well we did, and we are making it happen, as we speak.

A couple of weeks ago, we came up with the cool idea to fuse street art and aviation together. And the end result was pretty amazing.

SKAM + Airvinci = Awesomeness

SKAM in action spray painting a wall.

20+ year graffiti veteran known as SKAM.

One of our team members has been long time friends with one of Toronto’s most famous graffiti artists who goes by the name of SKAM. Graffiti has become much more widely accepted and appreciated since its early days back in the mid 90’s when it carried the stigma of rebellion and vandalism. SKAM has been doing his craft since the mid 90’s having worked with big companies since Louis Vuitton, Google, Beanfield Metroconnect and Loblaws. Oh, and he helped create the infamous Graffiti Alley in Toronto.

We knew that if we commissioned him to help spread the vision and innovation of Airvinci, it would be done in a very cool, hip and creative way.

Technique and Vision



It was intriguing to watch how SKAM created his masterpiece. Many artists use tape and sketch it out in pencil, however he did all of it freehand. What was also incredible is that he worked solely off of one of our promotional postcards that was no bigger than 4″x6″ and transformed it into two canvases totalling a size of 3’X10’. The precision and straightness of everything on the canvas is quite remarkable. As a seasoned veteran, SKAM has a skillfully trained eye to keep things aligned and evenly spaced across the canvas. No rulers or measuring tapes required!

A glimpse of our masterpiece in action.

Two canvases lined up side by side to make the masterpiece.

Both canvases were perfectly lined up side by side in a backyard courtyard, supported by two easels. The total time for the production was approximately 3 hours, and MTN 94 Speed fast drying spray paint was used. Thankfully, the night that the painting was produced, the weather gods were on our side and the rain held off.

Attention to Detail

Prior to starting the piece, it was coincidental that SKAM was wearing a shirt in the same color as our product. Our drone helicopter came to life on the canvas. We here at Airvinci are engineers, machinists, lawyers or marketers and not artists. To see someone so effortlessly recreate our product in an artistic way was very neat.

SKAM painting tone on tone detail for the canvas.

Take a look at the tone on tone detail.

The shading detail was done with shades of black, grey and white, allowing our trademark yellow color to really pop. If you look closely, there are some geometric shapes camouflaged in the background.

Close up of the Toronto skyline.

A Toronto skyline finished off with a SKAM tag.

We love the fact that the piece pays homage to our home city of Toronto.

We can’t wait to formally unveil it at a future event or trade show. Good thing the piece was done on two canvases or else transporting something that is  3’X10’ could be quite challenging. The finished product is amazing and truly captures our vision and innovation.

Final masterpiece.

Final masterpiece.