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With its unique design, the Airvinci Drone has a lot of exciting applications in a great variety of fields and industries


The ease of use, the safety and the compact measurements turn the Airvinci Helicopter into a unique aircraft for the daily commute to and from work. No more traffic jams, but the freedom of flight!


With a ceiling of 12,000 ft and autonomous flight capability, the Airvinci Helicopter is perfect to lift a skydiver to the wished altitude. After the skydiver jumps off, the helicopter will wait in position, before following the skydiver to his landing spot.

Scenic Flights

The experience from scenic flights reaches a complete new level when passengers have the possibility to choose altitudes and flight paths themselves. Safety and supervision are guaranteed by onboard computer systems for autonomous flight and an instructor that can control the aircraft at any time remotely.


In the future you can call an Airvinci Helicopter with your smartphone, choose your destination and the aircraft will pick you up and fly you there autonomously. Get to your next meeting or catch the next plane the fast and spectacular way.


For faster and direct delivery of orders, the Airvinci Helicopter can carry items up to 260 pounds with up to 70 km/h directly to your doorstep.

Wildfire Fighting

At every stage of fighting wildfires an Airvinci Helicopter is an extremely versatile tool: surveillance of forests at risk, delivery of tools to fire squads in the field, direct application of fire retardants and deployment or evacuation of firefighters in and out of the area.

Search and Rescue

In Search and Rescue missions, Airvinci Helicopters can be used to find and evacuate individuals out of dangerous situations, without endangering rescuers themselves. Even more: the low maintenance costs allow emergency authorities, such as Coast Guards, to maintain a larger fleet of aircraft, which increases their capacity to respond to emergencies.

Environmental Protection

Large payload capacity and low costs make the drone an ideal aircraft to protect vast areas, sea & land, from pollution and other hazards.


Already in our short company history, our story was told and concept shared in more than 12 languages to people all around the world.

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Airvinci is a small, but extremely motivated team of engineers and business developers. Our engineers have their backgrounds in mechanical, aeronautical and electronic engineering and gained experience in many projects designing rotor-winged aircraft, unmanned vehicles and more. The business developers in our team learned there entrepreneurial skills from working for other start-ups and small businesses. Additionally, we can rely on the great expertise and knowledge of our partners and advisors for composites, manufacturing as well as licensing and testing.

Together we are completing the necessary set of skills to lead Airvinci to success and share the eager to shape the future of aviation with a new and innovative aircraft.

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With CARIC, Canada’s leading aerospace association, we are connected to the industry for partnerships and joint research projects.

Ryerson University

Through collaborations with Ryerson’s Aerospace Department, we can work with experienced researchers and have access to facilities for simulations and experimental testing.


CADSI is connecting us to other companies in defense and public safety industries for tasks like Search & Rescue and more.


The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada is our funding partner for various projects with our academic partners.

Niagara College

Niagara College and its focus on precision agriculture is the ideal partner to develop applications in this field.

Arctic Security Consultants

Its founder Colonel (ret'd) Pierre Leblanc is our advisor to develop lasting government connections


Advanced Composites Training is our partner to train our team members in working with composite materials.

Clarion Drone Academy

Our experienced partner for all matters around flight and UAS regulations.


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